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We follow news from the automotive world and, based on them, we supplement our offer of rims and premium tuning to be constantly up to date and to be able to best serve every, even the most demanding, customer.

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Excellent product + safety

A long-established company is a guarantee of the ability to select the best manufacturers. Market analysis in terms of only reliable, renowned suppliers ensures an excellent product and safety in a very highly specialized assortment. It should be emphasized that our offer is not only about visual aspects or improving performance, but above all we are responsible for the safety of our customers and their families.


With a perfect finish, with a noticeable improvement in performance and giving a unique sound tone.


Adapted to your car thanks to Configurator.


Improved engine parameters - better performance, greater driving pleasure.


Extensive sets for the most demanding customers.

Our values

For over two decades, StylAuto has been not only an important business partner, but also a meeting place for automotive enthusiasts. We create a well-coordinated Team whose composition has remained unchanged for years, and the brand we create is more than just a business.


Knowledge of the market offer + technical knowledge = professional advice


Following news from the automotive world + expanding the offer = satisfaction of the most demanding customer


25 years of experience in the industry + permanent team = perfection


Trust of European producers + years of cooperation = reliable seller


Sharing passion + selling = satisfying meetings


We love animals + we support foundations = because we know that business is not everything

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Felga STC-23 - zrewolucjonizuj swój styl w 2024 roku dzięki najbardziej odważnej nowości w katalogu Fondmetal, z pierwszym 23-calowym kołem!
Felga Iupiter - z radością prezentujemy jedną z nowości na rok 2024: felgę Iupiter, zaprojektowaną z myślą o oddaniu sportowej duszy pojazdom marki BMW.
Rzuć wyzwanie każdemu terenowi z nowym kołem Bluster, nowym Off-Rroad, który na nowo definiuje koncepcję przygody terenowej.